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Food & Treats

You can find foods for cats anywhere, but you won't find the best guidance, recommendations and personalized plans for your cat anywhere else. At Bones 'n' Scones we're your cat nutrition consultants, and we take the job seriously. You'll find the best of raw, and the best of premium foods all under one roof. And, you know we'll help you understand the benefits of each.However, if you don't see your favorite product, please ask & we'll do our best to locate it for you.

Vitamins & Supplements

A well-rounded, complete, fresh food diet is the best way for your cat to get the nutrition she needs. But, if you suspect that your cat may not be getting the nutrition that she requires, come in and talk to us about that. If it turns out that she might benefit from any of the fine vitamin, mineral, and supplement products that we carry, we'll help you make the right choices. And, if you don't need them, we'll tell you that, too! Who else would do that?

Toys & Fun

Play is the perfect way to bond with your companion. In fact, play may be the single most important activity in waking hours for most young, adolescent, and adult cats. Plus, play can keep your aging cat mentally alert and moving in his older years. Play's a good thing. Let us help you choose some of the best toys, so you can make some of the best memories you'll ever have with your friend.


We carry the products from the following companies:

Against the Grain
Animal Essentials
ARK Naturals
Cats in the Kitchen
Cloud Star
Fussie Cat
Homeo Pet 
Kitty Kaviar
Liquid Health
Missing Link
Nummy Tum Tum
NWC Naturals
Party Animal
Petite Cusine
Pill Buddy Naturals
Pill Pockets
Pure Bites
Pure Vita
Rad Cat
Solid Gold
Stella & Chewy's
Studio Kelly
Taste of the Wild
Tiki Cat
Vet's Best
Whole Life
Wild Calling



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