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How do you find your way through all the information out there about foods for our beloved dogs and cats?
Where do you check for up to date information about recalls and other safety alerts?
Who do you trust since there is so much conflicting information available to us?


Whether you shop our original
store in Palm Springs, or our
new store in Palm Desert,
you'll get the same great
Bones 'N' Scones service
you're used to getting. 
We guarantee it!

- Kathy Hart & Ray Nocera, Owners


Bones-N-Scones has been answering questions, working with veterinarians, and providing products that meet the highest standards of nutritional value since 1999. We strive to offer foods made by small, privately held U.S. manufacturers that use only the finest ingredients without outsourcing from other countries. We also feature many pet supplement alternatives to boost immunity, improve digestion, combat joint discomfort & improve skin and coat conditions.

We bake our own healthy, handmade treats, cupcakes & cakes in our Palm Springs bakery.

Whether you are searching for dry or canned, raw, organic or freshly prepared items, we are your pet’s nutrition super-source!

Stop by one of our stores, we’d love to meet you and work with you to identify the best diet for your furry friend.


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